My WWII Autograph Collection:

I started collecting WWII autographs around the time the pandemic hit. I found a video online of a youtuber showing a binder full of autographs from WWII Veterans. That inspired me to start this collection. I started writing to WWII veterans, and continue to do so. I created this website dedicated to preserving my collection on a digital platform, and to allow others to appreciate the history that comes with it. Here are pictures of many of the autographs, letters, and history I have collected.


Burke Waldron (Makin Island, Saipan. Very Famous for his Viral First Pitch with the Mariners)

Sidney Walton ( China Burma India Theatre, Famous for his ongoing "No Regrets Tour")

Clarence "Bud" Anderson (Triple Ace of WWII, 17 Kills, P-51 Mustang)

Phil Coyne (Italian and North African Campaign, under Gen. Mark Clark. Became famous for serving as a Pittsburgh Pirates Usher for 80+ years)

George P Shultz (Former Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Labor, and also Served in WWII)

Fred Lunde (Glider Pilot WWII)

George Mendonsa (Claims to be the sailor in the famous VJ Day Times Square Photo of a Sailor Kissing a Nurse)

Carl Muscarello (Also claims to be the sailor in the famous VJ Day Times Square Photo of a Sailor Kissing a Nurse)

Charles William Dunn (WWII Veteran)

Ed Goetz (Dozens of bombing missions to Japan, had to bail out of a burning plane once)

Donald Mcpherson (Fighter Ace, 5 Victories, USS Essex, in Famous Photo)

Charles Coolidge (Purchase: MOH Recipient)

Benjamin Ferencz (Last Living Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials, WWII Veteran)

John K Singlaub (Former OSS Officer, Retired Maj. General, founding member of the CIA)

Robert Shouse (Marshall Islands, Saipan)

Robert Thacker (Test Pilot, Flew a F-82 Twin Mustang from Honolulu to New York)

John T. Wolf (Fighter Ace, Hellcat F4F, VF-2, 7 victories)

Meyer Steinberg (Worked on the Manhattan Project)

Ben Skardon (Bataan Death March survivor)

Guy Prestia (Italian Campaign, Saw Mussolini's body hung in an Italian Square, helped liberate the Dachau Concentration Camp)

Joseph Sasser (Aleutian Campaign, Battle of Attu)

Ken Chilstrom (Flight Aviator or Test Pilot on Multiple Planes)

George Lentz (549th Bomb Squadron, 29 missions as a B-17 Flight Engineer)

Dean Ladd (Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian)

Cecil Wiswell (Battle of the Coral Sea from the USS Lexington)

Norman Mallard (Purchase, 6 Victories)

Randy Reeves (Purchase, 6 Victories)

Franz Weimann (Purchase, WWII Veteran)

Robert Fitz (Turret Gunner in the Torpedo Squadron of Carrier Air Group 11, served on the Uss Hornet)

Phil Crenshaw (WWII Assistant Chaplain, served at Okinawa)

Roland Glenn (Served in the Battle of Okinawa)

Bob Buckler (WWII Veteran)

Ernie Andrus (Saipan, Tinian, became famous for his ongoing coast to coast run)

Nathaniel Hines (European Theatre, in route to Japan when the Atomic Bombs were dropped) 

Lester Schrenk (B-17 Ball Turret Gunner)

Ghost Army:

Gazo Nemeth (Radio Man in the Ghost Army)

Stanley Nance (WWII Veteran, Served in the Ghost Army)

Gilbert Seltzer (Architect, Served in the Ghost Army)

Seymour Nussenbaum (WWII Veteran, Served in the Ghost Army)

Indianapolis Survivors:

Cleatus Lebow (USS Indianapolis Survivor)

John Heller (Purchase, USS Indianapolis Survivor)

Edgar Harrell (USS Indianapolis Survivor)

Richard Thelen (USS Indianapolis Survivor)

Battle of the Bulge:

David Bailey (Bulge, 106th Infantry Division, 422nd Infantry Regiment, Company F)

Eugene Schulz (Battle of the Bulge, Patton's 3rd Army)

Harry F. Miller (Bulge, 740th Tank Battalion)

Paul Andert (Bulge, Africa, Sicily, Normandy)

Frank Cohn (Bulge, Grew up Jewish in Nazi Germany)

Frank Riesinger (Bulge, Sent me index card signed by other vets)

Allan P. Atwell (Bulge, recently has become famous)

Vincent Speranza (D-Day, Bulge, 101st Airborne. He is the GI who created the Famous Airborne Beer) 

Eldon Knuth (Bulge, 95th Infantry Division)

Andre Salaun (Bulge, 65th Infantry Division)

Arthur Newell (Bulge, 65th Infantry Division)

Albert Collins (Bulge, 65th Infantry Division)

David Dosser (Bulge, 65th Infantry Division) 

Arthur L. Brodin (Bulge, 65th Infantry Division) 

Ray Tashuda (Bulge, 65th Infantry Division)

Edwin Waite (Bulge, 65th Infantry Division)

Grady T. Wigley Jr. (Bulge, 65th Infantry Division)

Women in WWII:

Marthe Cohn (Former French Spy, went behind enemy lines to spy on Nazis. Holocaust Survivor)

Muriel Engelman (Army Nurse, worked in a tent hospital during the Battle of the Bulge and was bombarded with buzz bombs)

Emily Drake (WAC Veteran)

Julia Parsons (Navy Wave, worked to decode messages)

Tuskegee airman:

Charles Mcgee (Tuskegee Airman, also served in Korea and Vietnam) On the 4th image, the picture is signed by General Mcgee and another Tuskegee Airman. His name is George Hardy.

Harold Brown (Tuskegee Airman, Former Politician)

Enoch Woodhouse (Tuskegee Airman)

Ted Lumpkin (Tuskegee Airman)    Sorry for the glare on the pictures

Eugene Richardson (Tuskegee Airman, flew P-40 and P-47 Aircraft)


Ash Rothlein (D-Day)

Richard Schermerhorn (D-Day, Utah Beach)

Jake Larson (D-Day, Battle of the Bulge)                   I had to cover up my address there.

Eugene Dettmer (D-Day)

Arden Earll (D-Day)

John Bistrica (D-Day, In Iconic Photo of the day)

Russell Pickett (D-Day, St. Lo, Battle of Brest)

Robert Curl (D-Day, 1st wave Omaha Beach)                      Again I'm really sorry about the glare.

George Mullins (101st Airborne, D-Day, Market Garden, Bulge)

Darold Rice (D-Day, Bulge)

James Kunkle (P-38 Lightning Fighter Pilot. 2 victories, served in D-Day)

Guy Degenaro (Glider Pilot, D-Day)

Clarence Evans (D-Day, Omaha Beach First Wave)

Herbert May (Tail Gunner in B-24. 2 Missions on D-Day)

Leslie Cruise (82nd Airborne, D-Day, Market Garden, seriously wounded in the Battle of the Bulge)

Pearl Harbor:

Edward Stone (Pearl Harbor Survivor, aboard USS Pyro)

Earl T. Williams (B-17 Flight Member flying over Pearl by chance during the attack. Shot down, plane broke apart. Shown in iconic photo of the day)

Ken Potts (Survivor, USS Arizona)

Lou Conter (Survivor, USS Arizona)

Bill Mcanany (Survivor, Hospital ship USS Solace. Later Served in the Battles of Midway and Iwo Jima)

Armando "Chick" Galella (Survivor, Lost his best friend that day)

Dorinda Nicholson (Child Survivor, lived on the island during the Attack)

James Morgan (Child Survivor, lived on the island during the Attack)

Charlotte Schnieders (Child Survivor, lived on the island during the Attack)

Ed Johann (Survivor, was recovering aboard hospital ship during attack. Rescued men from the oil-slicked and burning waters)

Gilbert Meyer (Survivor, aboard USS Utah. Also at the Battles of Attu, Kiska, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Watched Surrender ceremony onboard USS Missouri)

Jack Holder (Survivor, later at Battles of Midway and Guadalcanal)

Mickey Ganitch (Survivor, aboard USS Pennsylvania) 

Raymond Wans (Survivor, aboard USS Curtiss)

Bill Chase (Survivor)

Joseph Gasper (Survivor, Schofield Barracks)

Walter Pasiak (Survivor, Schofield Barracks)

Myles Garrigan (Witness of FDR Day of Infamy Speech)

Donald Long (Survivor, Guadalcanal "cactus air force", Midway)

Warren Upton (Survivor, USS Utah)

David Russell (Survivor, USS Oklahoma)

Iwo Jima:

Bud Hampton (Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima)

Hershel "Woody" Williams (Iwo Jima, MOH Recipient)

Gene Iaconetti (Iwo Jima Marine, Combat Engineer, Witness to Iwo Jima flag raising)

Robert F. Glenn

Harry Pozanc (Survivor of USS Bismarck Sea Sinking. Supported the Iwo Jima Campaign)

John Hancock (USS Yorktown, Coral Sea, Midway, Iwo Jima)

The other side of the war:

Gunter Halm (Purchase: Afrika Korps, Knights Cross Recipient)

Gerhard Flechsig (Purchase: 4 Panzer Division, Knights Cross Recipient)

Bruno Schmelzinger (Purchase: Rifle leader, Knights Cross Recipient)

Hugo Broch (Luftwaffe ace pilot, 81 victories. Knights cross recipient)

Minoru Ohye (Japanese soldier, fought for Japan in the last days of WWII. Taken Prisioner by the Soviets, spent 18 months in a Siberian Gulag)